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Are you tired of search results comprising of web pages from companies, webmasters and commercial websites? Ever wish you could narrow your search to the human web of pages containing individual knowledge from real people?

AskSutra gives users the power to find relevant answers by searching the human knowledge base contained in Q&A services and discussion forums. AskSutra uses it's specialized forum search techonlogy to connect users to people powered information resources. The inspiration came when the founders of AskSutra were unable to find a reliable way to search the wealth of information in the "human web" using traditional search engines.


AskSutra is based out of Los Angeles, California. We are a small group with a BIG ambition to drastically improve search experience and make it more human. Our innovative search technology provides access to people powered discussions and answers. We're passionate and committed enough to think that we will make a positive impact in the way people find information on the web by allowing them to search through the powerful individual knowledge of many. With AskSutra, you can find answers and opinions from real people - explore discussion forums and Q&A sites all from one central place.

Our Sutra For Succcess - The AskSutra Search Technology

Our AnswerRank algorithm provides relevant search results by identifying the most relevant & best rated user discussions on the Web. Popular web search engines are optmized to rank web pages. Typical web pages found as search results are unable to offer the succinct and emotionally satisfying replies that other users can offer. Most web search results do not feature user discussions since search engines actively rely on links popularity (number of incoming links to a page) to rank web pages. User discussion pages typically have low link popularity in comparison to commercial pages with active link building campaigns and search engine optimization effort. At AskSutra our search is optimized for ranking the social knowledge base of people powered pages through a number of additional innovative factors: the most important being advanced intelligence to understand a discussion the way humans do - how did the discussion start, who asked what, asked where, what are the answers and so on. These combined with many factors that traditional search engines uses, results in a world-class search optmized to empower you to find answers and opinions from real people. Our technology also allows us to display results in a more human way - you see the synopsis of the what started a discussion along with how the page relates to your search.

We continue to further enhance our search technology and develop some truly innovative features. Expect a lot more in the very near future!

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